2008 in Photography

31 December 2008

2008 has been an exciting year in photography for me. I started with a Strobist Meetup in February, and upgrading to a D40 in March, and it's taken over 12000 exposures for me already. The D40 opened the door for lots of new lighting, lenses, and other gear.

I've also gotten all social joining the No Fear Photography group, and photo walking with the Lancaster Photographers group.

While I'm sure I delete more images these days, I've still identified more images this year to be my favorites. Claire even picked a few of these to print huge to give me for Christmas.

My kit has evolved quite a bit. My main lenses are 2 or 3 primes -- a 28, 50, and a borrowed 16, plus a very cheap Sigma 70-300. None of these lenses focus, and only the Sigma meters. I was finding the kit 18-55 lens a bit slow, and my original 55-200VR was too short.

For lighting, I've picked up a couple Sunpak 422D's, a couple convertible umbrellas, and a light stand. These are getting to be so convenient, and I really feel I really have some control of my lights. I've also started using the PVC to hold up my DIY tie-dyed background. I have lots more projects for the 2009.

I've dragged quite a few people into photography, too.

Here are my favorites:

Going back through the images, picking them, and posting them is great fun. I recommend everyone take a moment and do this.

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