Favorite Flickr Groups: The Secret Life of Toys

15 July 2009

Everyone loves Pixar's Toy Story movies, right, so go check out The Secret Life of Toys on Flickr.

Toys from all over the world show up there, and some will send you on interesting chases around Google trying to figure out what they are and from where they came, like cardboard box robots and odd designer dolls. Other figures will be more recognizable, like Little People, Stormtroopers, and Lego people.

There are so many beautiful images and interesting stories that I'm sure you'll start getting ideas of what your own toys may do while you're not watching. You'll likely find a toy or 2 of mine there as well. This is becoming one of my primary photography styles, since it's so much fun.

Photography July and Beyond

14 August 2008

While preparing for last night's No Fear Photography meeting, I realized that I've had a pretty exciting month of photography!

Year in Photos: 2007

02 January 2008

I've had my camera (and sometimes, my mobile) in hand for much of 2007. In that time, the kids and our travels have been my main subjects.

In April or so, the lights got brighter, as I started experimenting with strobes, and over the summer I started stuffing a larger camera bag with some lens adapters, filters, and more strobes around my modest little Canon PowerShot S2.

Even more recently, I've started building light modifiers and trying to get to the next step in lighting. I hope in the coming year to step back and work a bit to develop some style beyond the technical aspects. So I'll see you all out on photo walks, workshops, meetups, and maybe a class or two.


21 July 2006

I've been reading and learning many tips from the Digital Photography School Blog. I like the tips about composition, tuning, and all that, but I'm not sure how to actually accomplish it. Testing, adjusting, reshooting, and taking your time is fine with a bowl of fruit, but I'm usually in a quick camera-phone mode.

Fortunately, my S710a makes for one of the better camera-phones available in the United States, so my shots come out reasonable. Unfortunately, my real camera is getting pretty old, so it has no better resolution than my camera phone (1.3MP), and it's much slower to use. I've actually been using my camera phone much more than the real camera.

Most my shots are just quick shots of something interesting, and often, I'm photographing the kids. I've never exactly felt the necessary patience exuding from the adults I've tried to photograph, and I know I need to be much quicker with the kids. There's just no time to snap a few shots, play with settings, snap a few more, reposition. Maybe I need to find a photo editing school blog.

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