Concerts: Pixel 6 Pro vs Sony a6000

28 January 2023

I’ve been photographing clubs, local concerts, and everything else in an amateur capacity with my array of Sony a6000 cameras for over 8 years often with the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. That camera technology is old but it serves me well.

I’ve also been photographing more recently with my Pixel 6 Pro. The 3 lenses of different focal length and the digital zoom are surprisingly capable. The software does a really nice job cleaning up noise in low light most the time or picking the cleanest shot of a sequence.

Below I show 2 photos from the real camera and 2 images from the phone. Looking close on a big screen, I can tell the difference, but it’s pretty good. Having seen how the phone deals with image noise, I learned I can get away with some heavier noise reduction in my camera images.

a6000 1
a6000 2
pixel 1
pixel 2

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