Canon PowerShot S2

27 August 2006

I've been relatively quiet about it, but recent technolust turned me toward purchasing a new camera. I have a Canon PowerShot S2 on the way.

Claire recognized that I was serious about getting a more featureful camera and trying to take some decent pictures, so she suggested I actually get the thing instead of just look at it (and tell her about it obsessively).

I chose the camera for its 12X zoom, very good reviews, and lots of priority and manual modes. I'd like to try to understand more about some of the mechanics of photography. The super-macro mode is intriguing too. The S2 has shown up at the top of the comparisons for advanced SLR-like point-and-shoots, and it's one of 2 point-and-shoots in the top 10 list of cameras used by Flickr users.

Maybe I'll use the old camera for taking pictures like these.

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