Dustin at Lock 12

22 June 2011

One rainy Sunday in May, Dustin, his family, and I hurried down to Lock 12 in York County to get some last-minute senior portraits even as it rained. The rain stopped when we got there, and the overcast skies treated us well for a two-hour portrait session around the lock and the creek trail above the lock.

Briana's interested in studying photography, so she volunteered to hold the lights most the time, and I even held the lights for her for a shot or two — you can see one of her shots at the end of the whole gallery.

I cycled through my normal lighting modifiers for the shoot, like the umbrella and the grid spot, but my favorite for the shoot was the little Fotodiox 8"x12" softbox. It was small and light, so it could be stuck on the end of the monopod and placed close anywhere in a scene. It's smaller size cast a more masculine hard light than my larger modifiers.

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