Emergency Camera Upgrade

24 November 2009

An emergency upgrade is still an upgrade, and that'll be a Nikon D90 for me.

We went hiking on Saturday at Tucquan Glen, and I started out the trip with a photo of some interesting fungus, then dropping my D40 (and a 50mm f/1.8) into the creek as I tried to cross on a log with the kids.

I bent over to reach something, and the camera strap slid off my left shoulder. Claire and I both watched this happen in slow motion, but often the camera strap is clipped in a carabiner on my bag. We watched in slow motion as the camera slid and kept going -- either of us could have grabbed it, but didn't -- and it plopped right into the creek and rolled once in the current.

Claire stepped in real quick and grabbed the camera, but it was soaked through.

It's been drying for a couple days, but it still just beeps and freaks out when I try to turn it on, so I don't expect much from it.

After having borrowed Stacey's D90 for an evening, I've ordered a D90 to replace my D40. It should be a very nice upgrade, but I really wish I didn't need it. I'm going to miss the quiet, little D40 with its fast flash sync speed, but somehow, I think I'll be fine.

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