Lititz Photowalk

09 April 2008

On Sunday afternoon, I went photowalking with a small group of No Fear Photography members.

I filled the camera bag with lenses and had no room for the camera in there, and surprisingly, I used all the lenses I had with me. I started out with my rather basic 55-200 VR, and I shot with that for a while. Then I switched to my 50mm f/1.8 Series E for a while and started shooting closer going down the street.

I switched to Stacey's 70-300mm at Linden Hall, but I didn't keep it on for long -- I just couldn't get far enough away from what I was trying to shoot (architecture). Within a short time, I switched to the kit 18-55, and finished up with some wider shots. I forgot to try any flash shots (light was relatively nice for afternoon), and for once, I didn't go home wanting another new lens. If anything, I may have talked myself out of a 300mm lens for another couple weeks.

People always ask what I do photographically, and I still always describe my photos as "chasing the kids". Now I'm chasing the kids in a shallower depth of field.

I shot about 330 exposures, and I'm now wading through them all preparing to start processing. I'm trying to get everything processed in time to share them at the meeting on Wednesday.

People didn't share (chimp each others' shots) so much while we were walking, but I've started seeing some nice work showing up on the Flickr group. I hope to get mine up there soon.

Update (9 April 2008): The keepers are up in the gallery now.

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