Photowalking Columbia

23 July 2009

Brian, Stacey, and I grabbed dinner and a drink at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen, then hit the streets on Sunday evening to get some photos of the streets of Columbia, PA.

I had decided that I'd push my luck and carry more gear than I usually do, so I had my 42-inch umbrella bungeed to my light stand and slung over my shoulder. My tripod and stand stayed with me nicely, along with my normal backpack. Dropping all the gear took a moment, though. I had also managed to drop my phone (my precious!), and it laid there for a while. Fortunately, Stacey, my favorite photographer, picked it up for me.

While we found a few "pretty" things along the way, we found much more interesting, aged subjects, like a beat up ice cream truck, odd machinist sculptures, and your good old chipped paint.

Our timing was perfect, as we got down to River Side Park just in time for sunset over (through) the Columbia Wrightsville Bridge. On our walk back, we found ice cream and grabbed some long-exposure church shots for HDR processing later.

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