Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve Photowalk

29 April 2008

I took 388 photos on the combined photowalk 2 Sundays ago (20 April 2008), but managed to pare the offerings down to 38 images. I processed all the images in RawStudio 1.0 and Gimp 2.4.

I met up with Virginia and Al from the No Fear Photography group and hung out with them for the trip. I cycled through all my lenses as I did on previous trips -- 18-55mm, 55-200mm, and my 50mm prime.

When we got to the tunnel at the end of the trail, all 3 of us broke out our strobes and started playing. Al had a shiny new SB-26 and a set of radio triggers. We served as his voice activated light stands for a bit, and I played with my new SunPak 422D on its hot shoe cable. I think I captured some worthwhile images, but I'm most happy with my strobe photos -- I was able to produce some interesting shadows and darken down the mood of some of the photos.

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